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How do I update or delete log data from Panther?


I have data in Panther that I need to alter or delete, due to:

  • Data being sensitive/improperly censored
  • A bug which has lead to inaccurate/corrupted log data


Changes to log data are not possible from within the Panther product, but you can request data deletion or alteration by submitting a support ticket. Be aware that:

  • We will need you to identify which data needs deleting or editing, either in the form of a SQL query (preferred) or a list of p_row_id values.
  • Panther staff will need to perform identity verification steps to ensure compliance with our data safety policies.
  • We will need signoff from two or more people on your team with at least 1 in a supervisory position.

Once the above conditions have been satisfied, the process is typically completed within 24 hours. For urgent matters, please indicate that you require a faster resolution in your support ticket so we can better prioritize our resources!

You can read here for more information on how Panther employees access your Snowflake data.




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