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How do I contact Panther Support and what type of support is offered?


 How do I contact Panther's support team?


Panther Support

You can reach Panther's support team via the following methods:

  • Intercom Messenger
    • In the Panther Console, click the chat icon that appears in the lower right corner.
    • Note: This option is only available to customers with a Panther-managed backend.
  • Your organization's Panther Slack channel
  • Email Panther Support directly at

For information about our Support team's response times, please refer to our SLA documentation. Rest assured, we strive to respond to all types of questions and issues as promptly as possible.

Our Support team is enthusiastic about assisting you throughout your Panther journey. Please never hesitate to reach out to us!

Please note that our support team does not provide custom detections or code. However, we can assist you with errors, product inquiries, and general questions.

Professional Services

Panther offers a range of services to help you maximize effectiveness and value of our products, including onboarding, migrations, ad-hoc services, and training. Please contact support for more information on Professional Service offerings.

Panther Community

You are also welcome to join the Panther Community channel to share and discuss ideas about custom code, request feedback, and gain inspiration from the work of other Panther members.

Panther’s Slack Community is a place to connect with security experts, share content for use in Panther, and learn from Panther users. If you’re already a member, please head to

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