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Can Panther employees access my organization's data and Panther Console?


Can Panther employees access my organization's data and infrastructure, or log in to a customer Panther Console?


Panther Console

Yes. If you enable the Support Access toggle in your Panther Console's Identity & Access settings, then Panther Support team members can access your Panther Console using the role that you specify on that page. Panther employees will only have the permissions on the role you specify, but they will be restricted to read-only access. 

When granted access to your instance, actions Panther employees take will generate audit logs, just like regular users.

Managed AWS account and Snowflake

Yes, Panther has a break-glass process to allow specific teams to access data in the managed AWS account and Snowflake instance in the case of an emergency.

Access to the underlying AWS account (infrastructure and logs that Panther owns) for Panther is accessible via a support role with read-only access, which is enabled for your account. No one is assigned to the role unless you request it.

An engineer will follow a two step process to request elevated access to Snowflake if needed.

Finally, our Security team uses Panther to alert any time data access permissions are assigned and used. All actions taken in AWS and Snowflake are logged.


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