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Why is PAT showing the error "LOG_TYPE_REGEX does not match '...'"?


Panther Analysis Tool (PAT) is showing an error similar to the following,

LOG_TYPE_REGEX does not match 'Your.Log.Type'

where Your.Log.Type is the log type of one of your detections.


To troubleshoot, verify that your Panther Analysis Tool is up to date. Older versions of PAT may not support certain log types. Our documentation contains information on how to update PAT.

If updating does not resolve your issue, or your PAT client is already up-to-date, ensure that the log type in your YAML file has been spelled correctly. Improper names can also raise this issue.


When PAT encounters an unfamiliar log type, it raises the above error.

Often, this is due to PAT being out of date. When Panther adds support for a new log type, it's important to keep your CI/CD tools (like PAT and pantherlog) updated. Without updating those tools, they will not be able to recognize the new log types as valid, resulting in the error shown above.

It can also be caused by a typo in the log type.



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