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Why does my PAT query upload fail with the message "No SQL supplied"?


I'm trying to use panther-analysis-tool (PAT) to upload my custom query, but I'm getting the following error:

Error: unable to save query "Name.Of.My.Query": No SQL supplied!


Often, this issue is caused by using either the SnowflakeQuery key or AthenaQuery key to specify your SQL code. Instead, use the key Query


The keys SnowflakeQuery and AthenaQuery were intended to custom queries that are shared amongst customers, where their data lake backend is could be either Snowflake or Athena. When the syntax of SQL varies between these two platforms, a query would need to be written twice in order to work on both engines. When you specify either SnowflakeQuery or AthenaQuery, Panther expects to find both keys, and if only 1 is provided, then you'll receive the "No SQL Supplied" error.

Since most customers are designing queries just for themselves (and therefore, only 1 data lake platform), you can use the Query key.



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