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How do I resolve "bulk upload failed" when uploading with PAT?


When trying to upload a Lookup Table with Panther Analysis Tool (PAT), I see the error message "bulk upload failed to upload a lookup table".


PAT versions 0.22.0 and newer

These versions of PAT have support for asynchronous uploads to help prevent timeouts. If you continue to experience issues after updating your PAT version, please contact Panther Support.

PAT versions 0.19.0 - 0.21.1

To help alleviate this issue, update your PAT installation to version 0.19.0 or newer and add the --batch option to your upload command. This option separates large groups of files in a bulk upload into smaller groups, reducing the likelihood of a timeout.

Another suggestion is to manually delete the LUTs and re-upload them via PAT.

If the issue persists after you perform the above steps, please contact our support team for assistance.


One known cause of this issue is a timeout, due to uploading too many Lookup Tables at once.