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How do I resolve "Lookup Update Failed ... S3: GetObject, context deadline exceeded" error in Panther?


When trying to update my Lookup Table (LUT) the following error occurs: 

Lookup Update Failed for {LUT} ... S3: GetObject, context deadline exceeded


To resolve this issue:

  • First, check if the S3 bucket your LUT is using is configured with KMS.  If it is, try reducing your file size and retry the upload.
    • If reducing your file size is not ideal, try to gzip the update file instead.
    • If using KMS is not of big importance to you, then an easier option would be changing the S3 bucket your LUT is using to use AWS S3-managed keys instead of KMS.  In this case, the file size is not an issue as long as it does not exceed the limit of 4GB.
  • If the S3 bucket is not configured with KMS, make sure your update file does not exceed 4GB.


This issue occurs when the update file that is being used is either bigger than 4GB or the file is slightly less large than 4GB but is utilizing KMS.  Panther hits a restriction when using a larger file size in conjunction with KMS because it hits a slowdown when trying to compute the file hash.