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How do I resolve "Organization not found" when ingesting GitHub audit logs in Panther?


I try to onboard GitHub audit logs and I get the error:

Status 404 Not Found, organization <name>: github: Organization not found


In order to ingest your GitHub Organization's audit logs using Panther's native integration, you need to:

  • Assure that your GitHub Organization is a part of a GitHub Enterprise Cloud Account.
    • The GitHub Enterprise Server plan is not supported.
  • Follow the steps described on our documentation page: How to onboard Github logs to Panther
GitHub Enterprise Server

If your GitHub Organization is a part of a GitHub Enterprise Server, you can follow GitHub's documentation page for streaming your audit logs to an AWS S3 bucket and then import them to Panther by creating a new AWS S3 log source.

For the log source's attached schema, you can use our GitHub.Audit schema as a reference in creating your new custom schema.

You can also try inferring the schema by using a sample of your GitHub audit logs.



This issue can occur if you are using a Github Organization type that is not supported.