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Syncing alert comments from the Panther Console to a Slack thread via Slackbot


When a Panther alert notifies the Slackbot alert destination, a thread is created in Slack. Actions taken with the Slackbot Boomerang are shown in the alert's Activity in the Panther Console, but replies to the Slack thread are not sent to the Activity, and comments made in the Panther Console are not posted in the corresponding Slack thread. Is this expected behavior?


Yes, this is expected behavior for now. In today's alerts, Panther automatically syncs activity from the Slackbot Boomerang to Panther, not from the Panther Console to the Slackbot thread.

However, adding this bi-directional comment sync is something our engineering team plans to add in the future. If you have questions about this or would like to let us know you want this feature, please contact Panther support.

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