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Does my custom value for ProcessedDataBucketRetentionDays change when I upgrade to a newer Panther version?


I am running a self-hosted instance of Panther. I have changed the default value of the parameter ProcessedDataBucketRetentionDays from 30 to another value. Will this value be retained once I upgrade my Panther instance to a newer version or will it be overwritten to 30?


This depends on how you have set the retention period. If you have set the ProcessedDataBucketRetentionDays parameter value in the root (panther) stack, the value will not change during the upgrade. An example of how you can locate the parameter can be seen below:


However, if you have instead changed the settings of the underlying buckets directly in the S3 console, then the retention period will be updated to the value that is set in the root stack (which will default to 30 if you didn’t set it explicitly).

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