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How do I delete log data from Panther?


I have data in Panther that I need to delete, due to:

  • Data being sensitive/improperly censored
  • A bug which has lead to inaccurate/corrupted log data


While Panther currently has no built-in process for deleting data, you can request data deletion by submitting a support ticket. Be aware that:

  • We will need you to identify which data needs deleting, either in the form of a SQL query (preferred) or a list of p_row_id values.
  • Panther staff will need to perform identity verification steps to ensure compliance with our data safety policies.

Once the conditions of data deletion have been satisfied, the process is typically completed within 24 hours. For urgent matters, please indicate that you require a faster resolution in your support ticket so we can better prioritize our resources!



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