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Panther Knowledge Base

How long is data stored in Panther?


 How long is data stored in Panther? Does Panther have a configuration setting that displays how long we are retaining logs in Panther or Snowflake?


Panther does not have a configuration setting for data retention. By default, ingested data in Panther is stored and searchable for at least 1 year in the data lake. For information on extended retention, please reach out to your Panther account representative.

For trial accounts, if you decide not to move forward with Panther after the trial period ends, the data is destroyed within 30 days.

If you are managing your own Snowflake environment, Panther does not enforce data retention for Snowflake Connected customers. Data retention configuration for Snowflake is done on the Snowflake side, not within Panther. It would be best to reach out to your Snowflake representative.