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How can I log in to my Panther Instance if there are no SAML admins and the "enforce SSO option is enabled"?


I accidentally deleted all the SAML admin users while having the "enforce SSO" option enabled in my Panther instance. When I logged back in, I got set to the AnalystReadOnly role. How can I log in as an admin again to my Panther instance?


Please contact our customer support team and provide the fairytale name of your Panther instance. Let our support team know that you wish to disable SSO enforcement. Once the SSO enforcement is disabled, you can navigate to your login page and use the email and password of an admin user to log in. You can also proceed with a password reset if needed.

Please note that although you can remove all SAML admins, a non-SAML admin will always be present in your Panther instance. You can use this admin account to regain access when the SSO enforcement is disabled.

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