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The pipeline is hanging while uploading IPInfo lookup tables to Panther


I am trying to upload IPInfo lookup tables through our pipeline, but the pipeline is hanging. We are adding our custom log sources to the lookup table definition provided by Panther through panther-analysis.


To handle this issue, copy the YAML from panther-analysis into your repo.

We recommend trying to move only a few files at a time if you are having issues. For example, you may want to do the first few 1 at a time, then repeat and try to do more at a time and observe the behavior. If these steps don't help to unblock the pipeline, then please raise a ticket to the Support Team.

Also, please ensure that you are running the most recent version of the Panther Analysis Tool (PAT). Please follow the steps under the section Updating PAT from our documentation for more details on how PAT can be updated. 


This issue could occur if you are not running the most recent version of PAT or if the YAML from the panther-analysis repo is not copied into your repo.