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How to install the Prettier formatter for panther-analysis version 3.47.0 and later

panther-analysis version 3.47.0 added the Prettier formatter for YAML and Markdown files. Panther Developer Workflow customers should follow the process described below for installing Prettier.

Customers who utilize Panther Developer Workflows need to first need to get on 3.47.1 and then run the formatter and merge the changes in their own repos before merging panther-analysis version 3.48.0, targeted for release the week of April 1, 2024, which will contain reformatted files. Doing so should avoid unnecessary merge conflicts. 

  1. Install npm: Run npm install -g npm.
  2. Run make install.
    • prettier will be installed. 
  3. Run make fmt
    • YAML and Markdown files can now be formatted along with the Python files.
  4. Update panther_analysis_tool to its latest version before running any tests, so the packages.json and packages-lock.json files are ignored while running the tests.