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What do I do if GitHub workflow tests via PAT are failing due to a missing library?


When trying to test using Panther Analysis Tool (PAT), I am getting an error due to a missing library. The error looks similar to the following:

No module named 'policyuniverse'


To resolve this issue:

  1. Confirm you are on the current PAT version by running the command panther_analysis_tool -- version.
  2. Confirm no changes have been recently made in your pipeline.
  3. Run either of the following commands: 
    • make
      make install
      make test
    • pipenv
      pipenv install --dev # if not using Pipfile.lock
      pipenv sync --dev # if using Pipfile.lock
      pipenv pipenv run python global_helpers/*
      pipenv run panther_analysis_tool test

Note: We generally recommend make rather than pipenv, but if you're already using pipenv successfully, then feel free to proceed with the pipenv steps above.


The cause of this issue varies for each individual organization. If none of these commands resolve your issue, please reach out to Panther Support.



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