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Panther Knowledge Base

How to resolve panther_analysis_tool error: pack definition includes item(s) that do not exist


After updating panther_analysis_tool from an older version to a newer one, a command that previously succeeded now throws the following error: 

pack (PantherManaged.PackNameHere) definition includes item(s) that do no exist (Example.Pack.1, Example.Pack.2)


If you are not using Detection Packs, then you can delete the packs directory out of your panther_analysis folder, and panther_analysis_tool will ignore what throws the error above.

If you are using Detection Packs, please reach out to our support team at for more assistance.


Pack Validation was added to panther_analysis_tool in version v0.14.0. If you have Panther-managed packs that you downloaded before this validation feature was released, upgrading from before v0.14.0 to after it may cause validation failures on those packs, such as the one above.