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How do I resolve the error "No module named panther_base_helpers" while using Panther Analysis Tool?


I'm trying to use panther_analysis_tool (PAT) to test some rules locally, but for those rules using Panther’s helper function like panther_base_helpers or panther_oss_helpers, it gives the error:

No module named 'panther_base_helpers'

How can I install these global helpers locally to test rules before adding them to my production environment?

Note: This article assumes local CLI operations. For information about resolving errors when Panther helpers are missing in the Panther Console, please see this article: How do I resolve the alert error "module 'Panther' not found"?


The best way to get the most up-to-date helpers is to download them from Panther's Github repository here. Once you've downloaded them, move them to the repo or directory where you're using panther_analysis_tool.


This issue can be caused by the helper modules missing from the directory where you're using panther_analysis_tool.