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Why do I see “cannot update old records scd table” on my Lookup Table in Panther?


An error occurs when trying to sync a Lookup Table from an S3 bucket. The following is displayed in the Panther Console:

Lookup Table disabled. Source has turned unhealthy. 
Healthcheck failed
cannot update old records scd table: Duplicate row detected during DML action


Check your Lookup Table data to ensure there is no duplicate entries. Then delete the current Lookup Table, and create a new one with a different name. 


Due to the way enrichment works, Panther requires that each row in a Lookup Table has a unique value for the Lookup Table primary key.

As such, Lookup Tables cannot have duplicate entries. If you accidentally created a Lookup Table with a duplicate entry, you would see this error message about the duplicate row.

Even if you remove the duplicate entry from your data, and upload the data again, you would still see this error regarding the duplicate row.

This happens because Panther stores the original Lookup Table data with the initial name, as a result in order to create an entirely new table in the database you must ensure the name of your Lookup Table is different.

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