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Uploading a Lookup Table in Panther gives error: Content for lookup table 'my lut' not found at 'my lut.csv'


When trying to upload a Lookup Table through the Bulk Uploader or through the panther-analysis-tool (PAT), you get the following error:

Content for lookup table 'my_lut' not found at 'my_lut.csv'

where the names my_lut and my_lut.csv are standings for your Lookup Table name and the Lookup Table data file, respectively.


This issue can be resolved by rearchiving the ZIP file from within the same directory as the LUT.


Example directory structure

For example, if you have the following directory structure (as present in our panther-anaysis repo):

→ panther-analysis
  ↳ lookup_tables
    ↳ account_ids.yml
    ↳ account_ids.csv
    ↳ network_cidr.yml
    ↳ network_cidr.csv

Resolve via PAT

Run the following:

cd panther-analysis/lookup_tables
panther-analysis-tool upload --path ./

Resolve via Bulk Uploader

Open your terminal app and navigate to the directory where panther-analysis is stored. Then run the following:

cd panther-analysis/lookup_tables
zip -r ../../ ./

This will create a ZIP file in the same folder as panther-analysis. You can now upload this ZIP file using the Bulk Uploader.


This issue is caused by a bug with the linker for Lookup Table uploads. Currently, the linker fails to associate CSV files with the approriate Lookup YML file unless they're both in the root of the ZIP file.