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Is there a limit to how large a lookup table can be?


I'd like to upload a lookup table to Panther, but there is a lot of data. How big can my lookup table be?


There are a few limitations on your lookup tables, in terms of size:

  • No individual row can exceed 64KB in size;
  • If uploading through PAT, bulk upload, or our API, then the maximum possible size is less than 256KB*;
  • If syncing via S3, the max table size is 4GB;
  • The maximum number of rows is 100 million;

*Note*: The maximum size of an API call is 256KB. SInce some of the data in an API call will be used for the call parameters, the total amount of volume remaining for LUT data will be less than 256KB.

The S3 max table size, and the maximum row number, are negotiable - if you require an increase in either of these figures, contact Support. However, the individual row size, and the API upload size, are hard limits that we are unable to increase at this time.

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