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How to fix “Invalid Identifier” error when syncing an S3 file for a Panther Lookup Table


When syncing a file from S3 for a lookup table, the following error occurs:

Syncing Lookup [name] failed

Make sure the S3 object exists in the right path configured and try again.



When this happens, there is also a "Source has turned unhealthy" error that includes the message "invalid identifier." 



Make sure you do not use any special characters other than an underscore (_) in the field name while drafting the schema. 

Snowflake allows only letters, numbers, and underscores in column names (where each column name corresponds to a schema field name). As an example, the field name x-indicator will not upload successfully to the lookup table, however, changing it to x_indicator will work.


This error can occur when using an unsupported character in the field name while drafting the schema. A specific format is required for field naming when creating schemas for custom logs and lookup table

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