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How can I remove a duplicate Identity Provider Profile in Panther?


I created a duplicate Identity Provider Profile table (e.g., an Okta or Google Workspace table), and do not know which one is the duplicate. How can I identify and remove the duplicate table?


To identify the original Identity Provider Profile table, query for the p_parse_time of the tables in Data Explorer:

  1. Select the Database: panther_lookups.public.

  2. Execute the following queries:

    SELECT p_parse_time
    FROM panther_lookups.public.<name_of_table1>_history  --replace name_of_table1 with your table
    LIMIT 100
    SELECT p_parse_time
    FROM panther_lookups.public.<name_of_table2>_history  --replace name_of_table2 with your table
    LIMIT 100
  3. Compare the p_parse_time values of the two tables. The table with the older p_parse_time is your original table.


After identifying the Identity Provider Profile table you wish to remove:

  1. Navigate to Configure > Enrichment Providers.
  2. Locate the table you want to remove.
  3. Click  the three dots icon (...).
  4. Click Delete Lookup Table.
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