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Troubleshooting "lookup update failed" errors for IPinfo Lookup Tables in Panther


How can I troubleshoot my IPInfo lookup tables when I see an error similar to the following:

lookup update failed for ipinfo_location: upload failed for lookup 111e2c3-12a3-4c81-ae6c-8bece3cd52ed into <s3: panther-bootstrap-ab12cd3qosk4-processeddata-1nzp2edorzggc="" luts="" data="" ipinfo_location="" 002="" a123bcec-f2c9-437d-994c-4ae8e135414f="" lookup.mmdb.gz="">: cannot create mmdb file for /mnt/rules_engine/luts/ipinfo_location/aBc12d_AINECqp6XVVHeeN38wxeA9.0W/mmdb.ix: Error while writing to mmdb file /mnt/rules_engine/luts/ipinfo_location/aBc12d_AINECqp6XVVHeeN38wxeA9.0W/mmdb.ix: rate: Wait(n=1560269488) exceeds limiter's burst 1000000000</s3:>


It is possible that error messages starting with "lookup update failed for ipinfo" could be temporary. If this issue continues to occur longer than a few minutes, please contact the Panther Support team.

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