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Can I convert detections from third-party tools into Panther detections?


Another SIEM-like tool uses detections in a manner similar to Panther. Can I import or convert their detections directly into Panther? 


Panther does not offer a conversion tool for creating rules and policies from other products, so detections like this must be converted into Python manually. 

All of our detections can be found under Panther-provided packs, and more can be found on our repository.

You can also use this third-party tool to find more examples of detections for threat techniques. Paste the identifier you want to create detections for in the search field and it will show repos of other companies that have detections for that technique. Some of these detections will come in different formats, so you will need to manually translate them to Python if you use them in your Panther Console. Please note that this tool is not maintained by or affiliated with Panther.


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