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How do I resolve the alert error "module 'Panther' not found"?


I added some log sources and rule packs, and now I'm getting a lot of errors spamming my alerts channel, like this:

module 'panther' not found



Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.21.00 AM.png

To resolve this issue from the Panther Console:

  1. In the left-hand side of the Panther Console, click Build > Helpers, and search for an option called 'panther'.
    • You may see other helpers with other words after 'panther', such as 'panther_base_helpers'.
  2. Go back to Build > Helpers and click Create New in the upper right corner.
  3. Use the exact name panther and copy the contents of this file into the Helper Definition field.
  4. If you're keeping a panther-analysis repo, make sure this file exists under global_helpers.


This issue can be caused by missing the 'panther' helper.