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How do I resolve "read timeout on endpoint URL" during a bulk upload to Panther?


When trying to run a bulk upload to Panther, timeout errors such as the following occur:

Error: [root]: failed to upload to backend: Read timeout on endpoint URL: ""

What can I check to ensure that I am using asynchronous bulk uploads?


Using the asynchronous version of PAT upload can help alleviate this issue. To ensure that you are running the asynchronous version of upload, please check that you are:

  1. Using Panther Analysis Tool (PAT) version 0.22.0 or newer
  2. Using an API Token with Bulk Upload permissions
  3. Omitting the --no-async argument on the upload command. Not including this argument reduces the likelihood of a timeout.


Bulk upload and timeout issues can occur when you are not running the asynchronous version of upload.

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