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Why do I see a “ratelimited” error while onboarding Slack logs to Panther?


After I click Grant Access in Panther’s onboarding wizard while onboarding Slack audit logs, the following error appears:

Something went wrong when authorizing Panther monitoring.

Try going back to Panther monitoring and authorizing again. If problems persist, contact support for help.

Error details: ratelimited

A screen shot from Slack shows a red banner error that says "Something went wrong when authorizing Panther monitoring." Below that, the message displays "Error details: ratelimited". A button below that is labeled "Return to Panther monitoring."


To resolve:

  1. In Slack, select the app you created for Panther monitoring.
  2. Go to Settings > Manage Distribution.
  3. Make sure that you have activated Public Distribution.


This error can occur if you do not activate Public Distribution for your Slack App.