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Why do I see "no bot scopes required" when onboarding Slack audit logs to Panther?


While trying to onboard Slack audit logs to Panther, you see the following error:

Something went wrong when authorizing Panther Log App. Try going back to Panther Log App and authorizing again. If problems persist, contact support for help. 
Error details

image (3).png


To resolve this issue:

  • Verify that you have not created a Slack Bot User for the app.
    • If you have created a Slack Bot, delete the app you created for Panther and follow Panther's Slack log onboarding documentation again. 
  • Verify that the User Token Scopes have the correct required scopes to pull audit logs.


This issue can occur if you created a Slack Bot User while setting up the integration with Panther.