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How do I resolve the error "authentication failed with HTTP status code 500: unable to authenticate" when onboarding Salesforce logs to Panther?


Why am I getting this error when trying to onboard staging tenant Salesforce logs using Panther's native integration?

Source CB Cloud Staging test did not pass configuration check because: eventMonitoring: authentication failed with HTTP status code 500: unable to authenticate [INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.]


Make sure you are onboarding Salesforce production tenant logs. 

In order to onboard different kinds of Salesforce environments such as Sandboxes, you can proceed manually by uploading your Salesforce logs to an S3 bucket in Panther's supported format, creating a custom schema, and then ingesting your logs using your custom schema.


This error can occur if you attempt to ingest staging logs from Salesforce. Panther's native integration currently supports only Salesforce production environments.