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How do I resolve the Zendesk log error 403 "You do not have access to this page" in Panther?


My Zendesk log source shows as unhealthy in the Panther Console, with the following error message:Failed to fetch Zendesk audit logs: http status code (403): Zendesk API response error (403) map[message:You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this help desk for further help. title:Forbidden]


Confirm that your Zendesk subscription supports viewing audit logs. See Zendesk's documentation here to see which Zendesk subscriptions allow audit logs.

If you believe that you have an appropriate subscription, but are still seeing this error, please contact our support team.


This error typically indicates that your Zendesk subscription doesn't support viewing audit logs, and thus when Panther tries to retrieve them, it receives a 403 Access Denied error.

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