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Invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference error in Pantherlog


When trying to update a schema using pantherlog, I see an error like the following:

Unhandled exception: "{'message': '{invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference}', 'path': ['createOrUpdateSchema'], 'extensions': {'reportable': False}}"


To resolve this issue:

  • Make sure your schema spells logType correctly, with a lowercase "L" and a capital "T".
  • Check the logTypes of each data field, and make sure they're correct. For example, sometimes this error comes up when a field's logType was changed from string to an array, or from object to JSON.
  • If you've checked these things and the error persists, contact the Panther support team for additional assistance.


This issue can occur when a schema contains a typo or erroneous logType.