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How do I resolve pantherlog errors when I try to run multiple schema tests?


When trying to test schemas with pantherlog, I get the following error message: 

 Error:      Not equal:
             expected: ""
             actual  : "Custom.SampleLog.V1"

             --- Expected
             +++ Actual
             @@ -1 +1 @@


To resolve this issue: 

  1. Make sure your schema test does not attempt to include multiple tests, like this:
input: |
  1. Move each individual test into its own file.
  2. Use pantherlog to run multiple tests at once using the following format:
$ pantherlog test schema.yml schema_tests.yml other_schema_tests.yml

If you experience this error, but the symptom listed here does not apply to your use case, please contact the Panther Support at


This can occur if your schema test includes multiple tests formatted incorrectly.