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How do I exclude a schema test from a group of tests with Pantherlog?


I'm testing custom schemas that I generated for lookup tables, and I want to exclude one of the tests. When I comment out the test file but don't delete it, Pantherlog throws an error with this warning: 

Warning: : Unhandled exception: "definition cannot be None"

and if I delete the test file, the tests fail and the upload fails. Pantherlog throws an error with this warning:

no tests found

This is especially problematic in my CI/CD pipeline, which doesn't proceed under this error condition.


To resolve this issue, edit your CI/CD script to exclude the folder where the test resides. Here's an example in bash: 

if [ $dir = './/lookup_gsuite_user_mapping' ]
  then continue


This issue can occur for a number of reasons:

1. Pantherlog will fail if a test case is commented out. At the time of this writing, this is a known bug and our engineering team plans to fix it soon.

2. If the test file is removed from its directory but Pantherlog is still pointed to that directory, then Pantherlog will fail differently.



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