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How to resolve Panther query error "failed to connect to Snowflake with user credentials..."


When running an ad-hoc or scheduled query, I get a message similar to the following:

FailedQuery('status: failed error: failed to connect to Snowflake with user credentials in ********* on snowflake driver
ping with user=panther_readonly role= database=panther_logs warehouse=PANTHER_SCHEDULED_WH auth=SNOWFLAKE_JWT:
context deadline exceeded')

How can I fix this?


This message is often the result of a rare, transient issue which can be resolved in the vast majority of cases by retrying the query. If several retries continue to produce the error message above, then reach out to support, as there may be some issue with the Panther's internal credentials.


A transient bug in Panther's snowflake connection interface can sometimes result in a failure to connect which get's flagged as a credentials issue, although the problem lies elsewhere. Typically, Panther's automatic retries are successful and your query is executed with no issues; however, in some cases the retries will also fail, causing this error to be surfaced to the Panther Console. Please note that even if the error appears in the Panther Console, the retries will continue and the query will not be removed from the execution queue.