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Why might Data Explorer in Panther crash or freeze when running a query?


When running certain queries, the Data Explorer will crash or freeze up. If I close the tab and then look at my query history, I see the query succeed, but navigating to the query results will crash again.


To resolve this issue, try running your query again, but with the following adjustments

  1. Add a reasonable LIMIT, for example LIMIT 10
  2. If you are using SELECT * FROM , try to select specific columns instead for example SELECT specificColumn FROM
  3. If you are already selecting specific columns, try to reduce the number of columns returned. 


This behavior is commonly caused by either a large amount of rows returned, or by a large amount of data within a row. If there is a large amount of data in a row, this can be reduced by adjusting your SELECT statement to only include the columns that you need.
The most common scenario where this issue occurs is if you try to perform a SELECT * FROM panther_monitor.public.classification_failures table because this table has a payload column which can contain a lot of data.


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