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Why does running specific queries in Panther Data Explorer cause my browser page to crash/become unresponsive?


For some queries, clicking "Run" in the Data Explorer causes the browser tab to become unresponsive, or even close abruptly. In some cases, you may see a popup in your browser warning you that the tab has crashed.


A known resolution to this issue is to explicitly select specific columns in your query - the fewer the better. For example, instead of

SELECT * FROM table_name ...


SELECT column FROM table_name ...

If this does not resolve your issue, then the cause may be unrelated to the size of the query results; in this case, please contact our Support team to continue troubleshooting the problem.


There are multiple issues which can cause a browser tab to become unresponsive, but in this case, the problem is caused by the results of a query being excessively large. Some tables may have large amounts of data stored in their columns, and trying to retrieve all the columns at once may create issues with the browser. To prevent this, fetching individual columns, or a small subset of columns, can mitigate the issue.