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How can I export data from my Panther Console?


How can I export data from my Panther Console?


To export data from the Panther Console, follow the steps below. Please note that we currently limit data export operations to 100MB.

  1. Query the data you want to export.
    • If you're comfortable with SQL, skip to step 2 and write your query in the Data Explorer.
    • Otherwise, you may want to use the Search tool first, following our guide here, and then use the Copy As SQL button for use in the next step.
  2. Write or paste your query in the Data Explorer's query field, then run the query. See our documentation here for tips on how to accelerate the Data Explorer.
  3. After running the query, scroll down to the Results tab and click Download CSV in the upper-right corner of the Results view.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Panther support.