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Can we query Snowflake directly or only through Panther?


As a SaaS customer with a managed Snowflake instance, can I query Snowflake directly or only query Snowflake through the Panther Console?


For Panther SaaS customers, a Snowflake instance is automatically provisioned, and we take care of setup and maintenance for you. When you access your Panther instance, you can execute queries directly to Snowflake through Data Explorer in the Panther Console and select your preferred database and table.

Note: If you wish to see the data when querying in Snowflake the same way as you would see the data in the Data Explorer, please make sure to query on the view rather than the table directly.

If you wish to share data between the Panther SaaS Snowflake account and your internal Snowflake account, this can be accomplished by contacting your Panther support team.

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