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Guide to Troubleshooting Jira Alert Destinations in Panther


 How do I troubleshoot issues with my Jira Alert Destinations in Panther?


Jira has many configuration options, which, if improperly set up, can result in errors while trying to create Jira issues.

Specify an issue type (400 Bad Request)

This error means that your Jira instance does not recognize the Issue Type you provided.

In Jira, navigate to the "Issue types" admin panel. Ensure the Issue Type you've provided in Panther exists for the project you are targeting. If the Issue Type does exist in Jira, ensure that the Issue Type name exactly matches the name in the list of Issue Types in Panther.

The issue type selected is invalid (400 Bad Request)

This error means that your Jira instance does not recognize the Issue Type you provided in Panther for the Project Key you are targeting. In order for the Issue Type to be valid in Jira, the Issue Type must be available in the Issue Type Scheme associated with the Project Key you are targeting.

In Jira, navigate to the "Issue type schemes" admin panel. Update the Issue Type Scheme associated with the targeted Project Key to include the Issue Type you are using with Panther.

You do not have permission to create issues in this project (401 Unauthorized)

This error means that the user or system making the 'create ticket' request does not have the necessary permissions to perform this action. 

To verify your permissions and check the "Create Issues" permission in your Jira project, start by logging into your Jira account in your web browser. Next, navigate to the specific project where you're encountering the issue. You can usually find your projects listed on the Jira dashboard or within the project dropdown menu. Once you're in the project, locate and click on the "Settings" or "Project Settings" option, which is typically represented by a gear or cogwheel icon. Within the Project Settings, look for a section related to "Permissions" or "Permission Schemes" and click on it. This will allow you to access the project's permission settings.

If the permission settings are correct, consider checking if the email address you entered in the Panther field matches the user's email for which the API token was generated. Ensure they are consistent, save any changes you make, and retest your operation to confirm if the issue is resolved.

The text size exceeds the limit (400 The entered text is too long)

This error means that a large amount of data was added to the alert_context function and Jira's limit of 32K characters was hit. In order to avoid such error messages and failures you can check that you're not adding very large amounts of data to alert_context.

To resend this, you can click on the retry button that appears next to the failed alert delivery. This will probably work because when retrying the failed alert delivery, the alert_context is not sent again.

Other problems

Generally, if you are unable to manually create an issue in your Jira instance with the options you have configured in Panther, the destination will fail. Try creating an issue with the settings you've configured manually and refer to the Jira documentation if you are unable to do so.