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Why am I receiving a "No Test Alert Received" error when sending a test alert to a new PagerDuty Panther Alert Destination?


When trying to set up a new PagerDuty Panther Alert Destination and sending off a test alert, the following issue occurs:

Panther tells me the test was successful, but PagerDuty didn’t create an alert on the service I connected with. The following error is displayed:

No Test Alert Received


To resolve this issue:

  • Double-check that your integration key is correct in Panther. 
    • To verify the key in PagerDuty, go to Services > Your-integration-name > Gear Wheel.
  • Check that someone is listed as on-call for the service you've set up to receive the test alert.


If no one is on on-call when a PagerDuty alert is sent, then there won't be anyone available to receive it, and the test won't get delivered, as there's nobody to deliver it to.