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Can I view Panther alert delivery errors via the API?


In the Panther UI, when an alert destination fails to deliver an alert, we can view the exact error message that explains why the delivery failed. Can I get this error message using the Panther API?


Yes, you can! Our GraphQL API allows you to fetch information about an alert, including a field called deliveries. This field is a list of delivery attempts to all destinations the alert was routed to, and each one includes information about the status (successful or failed) and a message attribute which stores the response returned by the destination's endpoint. If an alert delivery was failed due to an error, the error message is captured in the message field.

The following query details how to retrieve this information for a generic alert, using the Alert ID.

query AlertDeliveryDetails {
  alert(id: "FAKE_ALERT_ID") {
     deliveries {
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